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Port Said

December 29th, 2010 by asmetana · 1 Comment

Here are some photos from my trip to Port Said.

Birds over the Suez Canal

My friend actually lived in Port Fouad, which is across the Suez Canal from Port Said. Ever day we would take the free ferry across the canal to Port Said. The ferry can fit about 50 cars and a good number of pedestrians. People would throw pieces of bread to the birds, some of which were talented enough to snatch it out of the air before it hit the water.

View from apartment at night

My friend’s apartment had a great view at night of the Suez Canal and Port Said.

Something is missing...

There used to be a statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps standing atop of this pedestal. De Lesseps was the French who was the developer of the Suez Canal. “His name was used in a speech by Egyptian President Gamal Nasser as the codeword to order the raiding of the Suez Canal Company’s offices on 26 July 1956, the first step to its nationalization. In the course of the raid and seizure of the canal by Nasser, the statue of de Lesseps at the entrance of the Suez Canal was removed from its pedestal, to symbolize the end of European ownership of the waterway. The statue now stands in a small garden of the Port Fouad shipyard.” (wikipedia)

Port Said Fish

I must return to Port Said now that I have eaten this fish. It was very tasty. One thing I miss about Egypt is the food and eating with my hands. Even though Egyptian food is fairly plain in comparison to other cuisines around the world,  it still has more flair than American food.

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